RAIDawake 1.0.1

RAIDawake monitors attached software RAID volumes and automatically wakes all disks in the RAID set when one disk in the RAID set spins up. By proactively waking disks within the RAID set, RAIDawake lessens the overall delay when accessing a software RAID volume that was previously sleeping.

For greater configurability, additional device information, and power state change notifications, consider StorageStatus.

Default Wake Behavior

By default, Mac OS wakes disks as needed. While this works fine for normal (single-disk) volumes, this creates unnecessary delays for software RAID volumes. For striped volumes, this means that Mac OS will fully wake one disk before spinning up the next disk in the RAID set.



RAIDawake Behavior

With RAIDawake, disks wake up in parallel. Rather than waiting for one disk to wake before spinning up the next disk, all disks are spun up at the same time. This substantially reduces the time it takes for a software RAID volume to wake from sleep.

Prevent RAID Sleep

RAIDawake can also ensure that software RAID volumes stay awake. Simply click on a RAID volume in the dropdown menu to toggle sleep prevention.




Due to privilege restrictions placed on Mac App Store applications, RAIDawake is initially only compatible with disks that support SMART commands.
NOTE: Full compatibility is possible via the Disk Wake Daemon.

Simple and Efficient

RAIDawake automatically detects and monitors attached software RAID volumes with no configuration required.

For greater configurability and functionality, consider StorageStatus.

Feature RAIDawake StorageStatus
Simultaneous RAID Slice Waking
Sleep Prevention
Custom Wake Pools
Device-Level Information
Device Power State Change Notifications
Device Power State Logging